Ondes : Max for Live Template Instrument

November 20, 2014 4:41 PM

To celebrate Ondes v1.1 we are sharing a polyphonic Max for Live instrument that works with Ondes' MIDI Output.

I'm a long time Max/MSP user.  I had to learn it in school.  It took me a minute to get the bug, but after a semester it became something of an obsession.  I built hundreds and hundreds of MSP instruments, improv tools, effects units, wrote compositions, made interactive installations, prototypes, taught classes on it.... You get the idea... I'm sort of a Max geek.  

Download the Max for Live instrument template.

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So I wanted to share a Max for Live (and Max only) template instrument that you can use to create your own Ondes controller synthesizers.  The template is a simple container patch that routes MIDI info into a poly~ object based on incoming MIDI channel.   To use it correctly, make sure you set up Ondes' MIDI output with up to 16 MIDI outputs to Max (via Network Session or a hardware MIDI device), each with a pitch bend range of 12.  You'll also want to turn on "Y-Axis to Volume" and "Y-Axis to Mod Wheel."

The poly~ subpatch is a simple sine wave oscillator that responds to pitch and volume info.  Edit that subpatch and make your own polyphonic Ondes voice!  Share your work with us : #OndesM4L

Have fun out there!